Social Events

The following social events will enhance delegates’ visits and allow the South Africans to show their warm hospitality.

Welcome reception
Sunday, 4 November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, starting at 19h00

Farmers’ dinner
Tuesday, 6 November, starting at 19h00 (venue TBA)

Gala dinner
Wednesday, 7 November at Ballroom Cape Town International Convention Centre, starting at 19h00

Cape wine routes

When one reflects on the splendours of the Cape – lush green valleys, rugged mountains, azure seas and sky - the Cape’s winelands are usually top of the list. Visitors pour into the Western Cape to experience the viticulture, restored Cape Dutch farmsteads with their distinctive gables and thatched roofs, and the mountains that form the dramatic backdrop to all of this. The Cape winelands are some of the most scenic in the world and wine tourism is one of South Africa’s fastest growing industries. South Africa also has the largest number of Fairtrade certified wineries in the world.

An emerging ethos has taken the local wine industry into the global arena. South African wine has come of age and is now competing on the world wine stage. A whole new generation of winemakers has appeared and there has been a shift from grape farming to wine growing.

The Cape’s winelands stretch from the coast to the plains of the Little Karoo, where grapes are also grown in the riverine valleys. There are currently some 560 wineries and 4 400 primary producers of vineyards in the Cape, divided by the Wine of Origin Scheme into four main regions: The Breede River Valley, The Little Karoo, Coastal and Olifants River.