Conference Topics

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Conference No Conference Title Champion(s)
Conference 1a World Dairy Leaders Forum Manie Roode
Conference 2 Dairy Policies and Economics Alwyn Kraamwinkel
Conference 3 Dairy Farming Koos Coetzee (Dr)
Conference 4 Food Safety Piet Jooste (Prof)
Conference 5 Methods of Analysis Jan Floor (Dr)
Conference 6 Emerging Dairy Sector Cheryl McCrindle (Prof)
Conference 7 Nutrition and Health Hettie Schönfeldt (Prof)
Conference 8 Sustainability and Green Economy Nico Fouché
Heinz Meissner (Dr)
Conference 9 Dairy Science and Technology Jan Floor (Dr)
Conference 10 Animal Health and Welfare Cheryl McCrindle (Prof)
Conference 11 Marketing Bertus de Jongh
Symposium Protein Quality Symposium Hettie Schönfeldt (Prof) and Kim Locraft